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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kidsmart Computer has arrived

The new kidsmart computer arrived last week.
As a result, I haven't been blogging while I've been setting up each child with a file on it, along with a bmp photo, and a voice greeting. (It turned out to be a multistep process to convert large jpg to small bmp that look okay.) Now it's ready to go, the children have been enjoying getting to know it and what it can do. (Like send a voice mail to the other children at the kindergarten.)

We were lucky enough to get a new big flat screen, but this meant a little bit of conversion work was necessary to fit it to the display it came in. So off came the slightly small front panel and up went some high quality card and velcro. A big thankyou to the team at IBM, Riverdeep and little tikes for the donation and the time spend setting it up and at the training day.

New Baby visits

A very proud big brother showed off his brand new baby brother. Suddenly he started to cry. No worries big bro knew what to do, and sung him "baa baa black sheep", lulling him back to sleep. This happened several times as we learnt from him about where the baby had been and about things like the clamp that had been on his cord. He didn't just sing the same song though, he mixed it up including this version of "row row row", his dad said we could put on the blog.