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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Amanda's Plan for the Diane Levy evening

Amanda made an excellent plan for our Diane Levy evening and when she said she was going to send it to Diane for others to use, so they wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel, I asked if we could have a copy for the blog.

A quick email, copy from PDF > publisher> Jpeg later and here it is.

A great resource for anyone planning a fundraising evening.
Thanks for wanting to share this great resource and thanks for all your hard work Amanda.

Also thanks for the comment on Diane Levy, Ann. I've emailed Pukerua Bay Kindergarten the requested info.

Photo snap

Looking at the children's photo's I found these photo's of Ollie, but somehow the person taking them had gotten taller. Hmm how could that be? I had my suspicions.

I worked my way through some great photo's. Harriet, Hunter, Emma, Meadow, Jack, Jimmy, Ollie B and Ollie F have all been interested in the cameras this week

And there was the answer, Jack's quest for extra height in his shots, a new angle to shoot from.

Then I learnt that Jack was also exploring distance with Ollie as well.

Keep up the great photography guys.

A gate hinge

Jonty's been making a gate. We got some hinges for him from our hinge box, but one fell out of his pocket in the playground, and the other got lost on the way home. So I showed him how to make a hinge with wood and a nail.

"Nah I want a real hinge."
So back to the hinge box, and this time the hinges safely into the bag, not the pocket.

Animal Visitors

Gina really wanted to share all her dogs with us, she couldn't bring them all or her favourite who was a bit excitable but brought in another favourite, Figgy, instead.
Sarah has also been bringing her dog when she collects Eden and Lily. This has caused much excitement by the gate as the children ask "Can I pat your dog?"
Gina must have been watchign closely because she wanted to tie up Figgy just the same way Sarah ties up Honey.
Gina thinks we might just need a pet afternoon.

Meanhile Meadow, Purerehua, Caleb and I found lots of ladybirds around the kindergarten yesterday. Both seven spotted and steel blue.

Two doves visited us, as well as several monarch butterflies.

Up in the trees, our Tui's have been singing, while the swallows have been dancing in the sky.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Your Feedback on our Diane Levy Evening.

From the White Board.
"Awesome, Diane is fantastic. thankyou!"
"If you didn't go you missed something great."
"I didn't realise how much energy I used thinking 'for' my kids!"
"It works."
"The day started with great calm. Thankyou for a good opportunity to hear Diane in person."
"Great how Diane related to dad's and teachers- not just mums."
"Loved it, have used it already. It's Magic!!! Hubby had a great time Too."
"Great evening. Applied with humour!! Good job committee."

Please give us your comments as well!

You can add comments here by pressing the comment button below this post. Full instructions with pictures under "how to post a comment."

We love feedback, it was great to see Isobel's Aunty and Nana comment the other day, thankyou!

Kid's Photo art

Photo's by Ben

Photo's by Hannah Annalise and Kyla figured out how to both fit in the tree. Then when they got down Annalise got help to write a letter to Adrianne requesting a mat time under the tree, so we did.

Hannah took a whole series of shots of herself in the mirror and the mirror itself from different angles.
Photo's By Harriet
Harriet's self potrait, one of several, she really understands were she's aiming the camera now after all her practise and tells me she got one for her birthday.

Photo's by Billie

Photo's by Isobel

Photo's by Jack

Photo's By Jimmy

Wheels and ramps have been popular. (Can someone bring in a bike pump please.)
Our diving tank, became a fire fighter's breathing apparatus after our fire station visit.