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Friday, January 29, 2010

Julie Appleton-Seymours Dancers visited.

Edit please excuse my error on the video (trying to do to many jobs at once when I made it). In the title I meant dances, not dancers, though we did see lots of them too.

Here's some video highlights of over an hour and a half of dancing.

Julie Appleton-Seymour brought in around 20 of her dancers including a number of our past and current pupils. Lots of people came to watch the show including Grandparents, some even over from England.

Some of our children stayed glued to their seats (or up and dancing), watching and joining the dancers for the whole show, while others took the oppertunity to go outside to play, often coming back in to see more.

All of them got some thing special from the show.

One little girl, on a Kindergarten visit with mum, joined in with full energy, getting commended by Julie for her efforts.

At one point Julie noticed Emily and Gina clapping in time and after the dance got them to stand up and she remaked how wonderful it was that they were clapping in time. After that much more clapping followed which Julie further supported and encouraged.

She showed us some simple steps, and talked to us about how they can help children develop.

Afterwards I was amazed at who was dancing, many who hadn't been willing to get up with all the people there where dancing away "look at me!"

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cherry The clown

Ken, otherwise known as Cherry the clown came to see us. But what is a clown? How do you change into one?
So Children wouldn't be scared, Ken came as Ken and then made himself up as Cherry. As he added his makeup he talked about what he was doing. He used a greasestick, because it doesn't crack like face paint, and he painted it one with his fingers. "Who like fingerpainting?" he asked as he looked for points the children could relate too.
He drew out the children's prior experiences with clowns and make up, who'd seen a clown? Where'd they seen it? What did they look like? Did anyone's mum use an eyebrow pencil? What about baby powder?

Grace "you really look like a clown."

Then Cherry got out his clown bag and started to clown around.

He used his fairy sticks to juggle and then got jack to help lift up his leg, so he could do a trick.
Jack reckoned he could do that "because I've had a couple of school visits." Whoop Jack lifted him over.

He made his helpers balloon presents.

He needed some where to put the first half of Jack's while he made the second half, so he put it on his nose. What a clown.

There finished.

His friend raspberry ( a squeeze toy) was a bit rude though and kept poking out his tongue.
Cherry also used his duster to dust out our doldrums, and had a few other tricks in his bag.
Thanks for coming to see us Cherry.