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Friday, October 28, 2011

Something to think on.

With the election approaching it's well worth doing some research so you can make informed decisions when choosing between policies.
Retirement age for instance, should it stay at 65 or go up to 67, how much should we pay for it? Here for example a bit of research may turn up that poorer members of communities could typically live around ten years less than wealthier members. So if poorer contributors on average only get 2 years of super, when wealthier friends get 10 years, who should pay the most?
Many policies are spun on short term benefit but have long term consequences. Such polices will impact on the adult lives of children now in kindergarten. What are the impacts and consequences positive and negative of the recent cuts to kindergarten funding? Here's a video for TED, filmed in Jul 2011, to start you thinking, New Zealand features in a lot of it's statistics and it is an eyeopener and worth waltching.
When filling your child's lunch box it's the ingredients not the packaging or brand association that's important, and we need to read them and know what's healthy to make healthy choices for our children.
Politicians all understand marketing and branding. As voters we make more informed decisions when we read and understand the label on the back to inform our choices.
It's not just the next three years, its their ongoing consequences in the years that come after.