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Monday, February 8, 2010

Ants and Dragons

Lots of insect visitors today.
Several dragon flys nga kapokapowai flitted around the kindergarten after the rain today. We caught one for a closer inspection before letting it go to dart off.

When we opened the sandpit door, the ants -nga popokorua- had been busy over the weekend. Note how they lift up their abdomens to release a warning chemical smell to the others.
Working together they quickly carried the white pupae away.
Some of the pupae were darker, nearly ready to emerge as adult ants.
Some of the ants weren't as dark as the others, having just emerged and their skin still hardening, but even these new members of the colony helped with the evacuation.
We watched and discussed what they were doing.

See the eyes starting to form on the pupae.

See how they carefully carry them in their jaws.

Short dragon fly movie.

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