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Monday, April 26, 2010

New Zealand Handwriting Font

We had a NZ handwriting font shared with us by Dave Mudford, made by David Spraggs.
Unfortunately if is missing many of the ,?(! etc. I've been playing around with Typelight, a free download that lets you create and edit fonts to add the missing pieces, but I haven't got around to finish getting it done.
Meanwhile I managed to find a reference to another font that works with New Zealand handwriting on Google, which lead me to Jarman just download the PC truetype fonts (click the link, save it were you can find it), open the zip and copy and paste the Jarman font into My documents, then open your control panel, open fonts and drag and drop (not copy and paste) the jarman font from my documents onto your open fonts folder, it should say installing fonts if you did it right.
Still seeing if I like it but it seems fine, my thanks to a learning Odyssey for the tip.

We feel it is important (not essential, after all they read books etc in differing fonts) learning stories are written in a font that reinforces the handwriting style children will be expected to use.

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