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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Snow Ball fight

Despite no snow we decided it was cold enough to have a snowball fight.

Today Lochie asked if we could have another one and this time, Sam, Caleb E, Callum, Tom (wicked aim and great dodging, knows how to hold his shots till you've thrown), Lochie (more great aim and good moderation pulling shots really well), Ollie and Charlie had a go.

Dodging lead by Tom who was an expert and tempering your throw for younger friends especially when in too close became the important lessons of focus today. We stopped for the occasional stung cheek or ear, if needed had a cuddle and then decided to keep going or do something else. We kept at it for over an hour till our arms were sore and we were to tired.

In the afternoon we shifted to bat and ball.

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