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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We've hired a class set of ukulele for three weeks. Ngaire Shand (who used to teach Nadine) came and gave us our initial instruction and since then we've practised our c and f chords every day with even a sneak peek at G7.

We've been learning some names for our fingers, Thumb, pointer, tallman, ringman and pinkie, names for parts of the ukulele, head, neck, body, frets, strings, tuning keys, and how to play the c and the f chord. I noticed we were getting pretty quick at swapping so sometimes we even have a go at song were we have to swap from one chord to the other.

We've been learning to play fast and slow, loud and soft as well.

Since Ngaire made us up a song we've also been making up our own songs and have noticed the children have been creating their own songs as well. In addition to as our more formal session for everybody we also have less formal opportunities to play for those who are interested, with a few extra instruments and the option to dance as well.

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