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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spagetti and meatballs

To celebrate the end of term we decided to have a wacky hair day and shared lunch. It all came together in a bit of a rush after Adrianne reminded us, we decided on spagetti and meatballs so on Tuesday Jo popped down to the shops before work and picked up the ingredients for Adriannes recipe. Adrianne reckoned 4Kilos of mince!
So that morning everyone arrived with wacky hair.

Then we started to cook. Jo got out her grinder and made breadcrumbs.

Then David showed the children how my liberally sprinkling water everywhere you could mince onions without crying.

Next came chopping the herbs from Jo's garden.

beating the eggs from her brother's silkies on the farm.

Then making the meatballs. Lots of math's here as we all learnt to make them the same size, not to big or to small. It took a bit of practise to judge the size right, but soon the children where matching and judging the size of their own meatballs. "mine's to big, I'd better pinch some off."

Into the oven they went were we kept an eye on them under strict supervision.

While they cooked Jo got on with the sauce. Opening cans is a great way to strengthen young hands for holding pencils.

Finally we could eat it, Yum!

Yeap about 2 kilos worth of mince made into cooked meat balls.
For thirty children and four adults I would recommend 2 kilos of mince, 1kg (2 packets) of spagetti, and 8 tins of tomatoes with extra bits. Plus 4 medium onions, herbs, spices, 8 eggs and four cups of bread crumbs.
Thanks to Adrianne and especially Monica for watching everyone else with Claire while we cooked and cleaned with the children.


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