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Monday, September 15, 2008

Volcanoes, Volcanoes, Volcanoes

(Volcanoes happened over several days, and apart from the fire one happened lots of times.)
We started with a balloon blown up with air.

We covered it then stuck it with a piece of wire.
Pop it exploded leaving a crater.

We had our old favourite with the balloon on the end of the hose (no red dye in the balloon this time though.)
Sure enough the lava chamber expanded and whoosh lava flowed everywhere.

We even ended up with a small crater lake after the hose finished fountaining lava about.

Then since the wind was calm, it wasn't to wet, or to dry, David finally decided to try a volcano he'd first seen demonstarted at a Kindergarten 15 years ago.
Chamber made, and an air vent tunnel added, David talked about fire and match safety to the children behind the barrier then lit the newspaper.

We got smoke. (Leading to a talk on staying low and getting out quick if there's smoke.)

And fire.
Lot's of children shared stories from home and the farm about how their older siblings were allowed to light the fire. More talk on fire and match safety.
Then we explored how the smoke traveled and made connections to our hot air ballooning learning about heat going up.
Finally Adrianne who'd been standing by with the hose put it out.
Of all the experiments I like the water in the balloon best, as it is more exciting than the air balloon volcano as you never know when it will blow, and more interactive than the fire one which had everyone back behind a barrier. I would like to roast tin foil potatoes in a fire with the children one day though, if we can find a suitable fire pit that will be safe.
Te Reo
ahi = fire
ahi tipua/ puia = volcano
paoa = smoke

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