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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baby Gecko

Something seems to be telling me I need to build a gecko enclosure and help start a gecko rescue programme with the children at the kindergarten.

Why you might ask?

Well when I got home from my meeting today guess what was waiting?

A baby gecko a neighbour had found on their wood brought in from Ongaonga.

So even though it was 6:30pm back up to work and a new habitat set up in our reserve terrarium as the main one is still with D.O.C. following the return of our pregnant female. (We've been hard to get hold of in the afternoons with various meetings and our risk assessment trip prior to our up coming visit to Lindsay bush.)

That our first one was so pregnant and this is quite small (they give birth to live young remember), does makes me wonder if the birth autumn and winter information was correct however, but I guess this could be a mid winter baby.

Anyway I know one little girl who will be rapt to see a gecko here. I will contact D.O.C. about how to get a permit today.
Anyway more honey water (manuka this time-Thankyou Arataki Honey), the smallest of our baby locusts and slaters, plus water and hopefully baby will soon be settled in till we can arrange it's return.
Meanwhile with the donated web cam hopefully arriving tomorrow (again thankyou to Pam at Arataki Honey), we might have some interesting video for our friends at Lucknow Kindergarten when we link to them.

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