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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gecko -Follow up

DOC send us a letter, and on Friday (despite it being a public holiday locally) the dedicated DOC team came and collected our Gecko to return her to the bush having talked with the family about the location she was found in.
While she was here I noted she drank up a lot of her honey water, and not many bugs. I suspect with the Manuka currently in flower that she may have been feeding on a lot of nectar in the wild.

DOC wrote.
"What a beautiful specimen. It looks like it may be a gravid (pregnant) female to me by the size of its tummy. Thank you for notifying us of its existence and I will arrange to have it picked up and returned to the wild. Unfortunately cats (domestic and wild) seem to find native lizards a very attractive prey item. They are probably one of the main reasons so many of our endemic lizards have either disappeared from the mainland altogether or are now threatened with extinction

John Adams, DOC Napier
Cheers, John "

We're just glad to have helped.
Another of our associations kindergartens (Christine's) turns out to have been interested in setting up a gecko habitat for captive breed geckos, we're going to set up a video link with them so our children can discuss geckos together.

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