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Friday, November 14, 2008

Dam Builders

Building on Monica's splitting the hose into two, last week I added a third split this week.
One of the fun things that resulted was the children asking for wood for the dam slots. I cleaned them out with them and fitted new wood, soon we had some great dams.
We found the new rollers float.

One boy called me to show me he'd made the hose into a two laser, he went on to make it into a three laser, a five laser and a spread. He described how one path was high pressure and another low and then how after he'd adjusted it they were the same pressure, explaining his reasoning by describing how the high pressure water squirted up higher and farther than the low pressure.

He and his friends wanted to know what would happen if we pulled out the dam, I asked them for their hypothoses and then we tried it to experiment and observe. But the wood had swollen in the slots and was now firmly wedged in. A new experiment began as they tried different ideas to remove the dams, drawing from a range of sources and knowledge bases including at one stage sharpening a saw to help it cut by hitting it with a hammer as seen on Sponge Bob. This lead to a demonstration of how to sharpen a chisel.
I found the vibration effects on the water from the saw fascinating. David

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