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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dancing Rainbows

With the beautiful fine, calm day came the oppertunity to make Rainbows.
Lots of rainbows. Rainbows are easy to make, put a perspex (safer than glass) mirror in a bowl of water (A small rock helps keep it at the right angle) and shine the reflection onto a shaded wall nearby. Now tilt the mirror so the reflection travels up the wall, then somewhere along the simmery line beneath the reflection you will see some refraction happening as the water and the mirror act as a prism to split the light into it's colours.
The water has to be still though or the rainbow with break up.
Once it's formed try tapping the surface of the water with your finger to make the rainbows dance. Once you have tried dancing rainbows, try different coloured water to see what happens, play around with the mirrors, how far can you reflect the light, shine it into dark corners, chase each's others sun beams around the wall?
["Here is a gecko" if you wondered why this was here, that's because it's taken me a few days get the time to finish getting this up and I was just showing one of the primary teachers who came to our great links between kindergarten and primary workshop how easy it is to blog.]

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