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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beach Trip 2009

On the 10.3.9 we went off to the beach, here's what we saw. Olive beadlet Anemone, Humenga Kōwhai Sand art A lovely quiet beach.

We explored A big thankyou to all the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and others who helped us.We built castles Sand angelsMottled Brittle star Weki huna Common rock crab, Rērere

Black Swan, wāna

Chiton/Papatua Sea cucumber Rori A juvenile sea cucumber? He punua rori? Dressing Crab, Pāpaka huna Marine Bully? Kōkopu?

Red Billed Gull Akiaki Hermit crab kāunga
Sea urchin, kina.

Sea louse?

Octopus, Wheke

Abalone, Pāua

Jo found these square shapes in the rock. Nga tapa wha nga āhua o tenēi toka

Shield shell (a type of limpet) Scutus antipodes, Rori? kota hīra

A spiny starfish, papatangaroa
Common shrimp, tarawera

A baby scutus? He punua kota hīra?

Cushion star and eel grass, kapu parahua me rimurehia

White fronted tern, Tara

Wevil, pāpapa

what is this? He aha tenei? An egg case maybe?

Whelk, Kākara

Most unusual find, we saw in a paddock on the way to the beach.It was a great day and we got lucky because it poured with rain the next day. Luckily we used the online 7 day rural weather forecaster and the online niwa tide predictor to pick a good one.

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