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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A visit from the Dentist

John Jukes our local dentist came to share an important message with us after I visited him in the holidays. He explained, no matter how many times you brush each day, if you miss a spot you'll get decay.

What happens is plaque builds up on our teeth and in our mouth over a 48 hour period. Every time we eat sugary foods, the plaque bugs excrete acid. The acid eats out the minerals in our teeth. It takes an hour after eating sugar or drinking a sugary drink, for our saliva to neutralise the acid. Only after that hour does our saliva get a chance to remineralise our teeth.
When we brush our teeth we often miss the same spots. Disclosure tablets help us learn if our technique is working, they help us spot what we miss and practise getting it right. It's a lot easier to unlearn bad habits when you're younger. Looks like I missed a few spots and I only just brushed!

A small head and soft bristles are what you want with a flexible neck. Press the brush right in and just wiggle it. You don't want the tips of the bristles just sliding across the top. You'll also need to move your jaw over for the back teeth. Even with electric brushes, bad technique = missed spots.
Bad technique, no matter how many times a day, leads to decay.

Press that brush in. You may want to try out a brush on the kindergarten model to see how it is best used.

People often get a line of plaque in the gaps and just above the gums.

Press it in, don't slide it across!

A big thankyou to John Jukes for donating his time, a box of toothpastes and disclosure tablets and for giving us a great evening.

Thank you to the Eleven families that came, a total of 20 adults and 29 children, and also to those who let us know the couldn't make it because of the athletics prize giving.

The shared tea before hand was a great success and many new families swapped and shared stories and we got a chance to exchange ideas and information.

Afterwards we introduced the kidsmart computer and briefly shared it possibilities with everyone.


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