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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Raffle results

Raffle #1
1st prize Canvas by Olive Bremer #199 Jacob Hume
2nd prize Half pig, Judy Vining #207 c/o Emma Kappely
3rd prize* # 84 unsold have redrawn
3rd prize Xmas lamb –finalising delivery will announce shortly
4th prize firewood –Penny Baines # 412
5th prize Grocery hamper – Rachel Wright #471

Raffle # 2
1st prize Half Pig Nadine Harrison #45 (We only had two lots of tickets returned unsold, it was too late to get them in the supermarket sale so this morning David and Nadine decided to buy most of them between them and guess what, when we drew it this afternoon Nadine was a winner!)
2nd prize Ezy Roller, Annabelle Greer #293
3rd prize Mystery merry Hamper, Lynette Chapman –Napier #154
4th prize Grocery Hamper, Jasmin Zimerman #113
5th prize Sue Lowe, Cake, #301

Prizes drawn using online random number generator
By David Berry
Supervised by Adrianne Coles
And Tracey Bird
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the raffle in donations and in selling tickets, special thanks to those who donated the major prizes.
Also thanks to our top three ticket sellers Tristan walker, Eden Simmons and Maanuka Winiana who will get a small gift for their great efforts.

David Berry

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