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Friday, August 21, 2009

Kid's Photo art

Photo's by Ben

Photo's by Hannah Annalise and Kyla figured out how to both fit in the tree. Then when they got down Annalise got help to write a letter to Adrianne requesting a mat time under the tree, so we did.

Hannah took a whole series of shots of herself in the mirror and the mirror itself from different angles.
Photo's By Harriet
Harriet's self potrait, one of several, she really understands were she's aiming the camera now after all her practise and tells me she got one for her birthday.

Photo's by Billie

Photo's by Isobel

Photo's by Jack

Photo's By Jimmy

Wheels and ramps have been popular. (Can someone bring in a bike pump please.)
Our diving tank, became a fire fighter's breathing apparatus after our fire station visit.

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