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Friday, August 21, 2009

Your Feedback on our Diane Levy Evening.

From the White Board.
"Awesome, Diane is fantastic. thankyou!"
"If you didn't go you missed something great."
"I didn't realise how much energy I used thinking 'for' my kids!"
"It works."
"The day started with great calm. Thankyou for a good opportunity to hear Diane in person."
"Great how Diane related to dad's and teachers- not just mums."
"Loved it, have used it already. It's Magic!!! Hubby had a great time Too."
"Great evening. Applied with humour!! Good job committee."

Please give us your comments as well!

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We love feedback, it was great to see Isobel's Aunty and Nana comment the other day, thankyou!


Ann said...

what a wonderful opportunity for the Hunter Park Kindergarten whanau. How did you connect with Dianne Levy?
Ann - Pukerua Bay Kindergarten

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the evening. I got lots of got parenting tips > If you didn't get to go to the evening I reconment to read her three books. Well done to all involved with this great event.