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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Princess and the pea

Lots of children asked to have their faces painted on Tuesday and then asked if we could do something for mat time so I told the story of the Princess and the Pea with Elise who had her face painted as a princess as the princess. On Wednesday more face painting and Annalise asked if we could do the play again and also made sure her face had the princess look.
Connor and Meadow were the King and Queen who wanted their son to settle down and get married and James was the Prince. But mum and dad weren't sure about all the scary girls he kept bringing home and so used the pea through 4 matresses by morning trick to see if they were really princesses or not.

Isobel looked stunning in her bubble wrap dress she'd made at home, but no she turned out to be a scary spider monster princess who would have wrapped James up in silk and eaten him.

Elise was a butterfly fairy princess and would have waved her magic wand and turned him into a pumpkin.

Purerehua was a tiger princess and would have leap on him with her claws and had him for her tea.

Grace snored away on the mattresses, despite the pea, so she wasn't a real princess.
Indeed she was a scary witch princess and would have turned him into a frog.

Finally they found Annalise, and despite being soggy and wet from the rain, sure enough she couldn't sleep on the mattresses with the pea under them and proved herself a real princess. The spider princess made her a veil, the fairy one a pumkin coach, the tiger one brought her tigers to pull it, and the witch made beautiful fireworks. The prince was happy and so were the King and Queen.

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