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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Policeperson John

As a follow on from our firestation visit, Police Person John came to see us today.
He talked about his equipment, and police dogs, and about what police do. It turns out police help people as well as "catching baddies." Aidan tried the handcuffs first.
Then Caleb had a go.

Then we went out to check out the car. We learnt the new ones have the blue and yellow markings.

John had a loud speaker in his car, lights and a loud siren. (Two children weren't sure of the noise, but we looked after them.)
Adrianne recalled how she used sit in one of the old police cars, to keep the engine going, to keep the light going, on a dangerous stretch of road, for the policeman that used to live near her.
Fire extinguisher in the front.
In the back John had his rescue equipment, pop up road cone, first aid kit etc.

Sure enough Jack and Caleb W. dressed as police people as soon as John had gone, though they asked if we could get some new police suits as the old style helmets just didn't look right.
Thanks Police Person John!

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