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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sharon's Birthday

We celebrated Sharon's Birthday on Friday. She got to wear a special hat and got a pirate cake.
We got some of Sharon's yummy cooking. She blew out the candles.

We clapped her age, and then she started to open her presents.
Sharon loves presents.
She got a place mat.
Special spider gloves. A sipper cup.

And a pass the parcel surpise spider box.

Some beautiful art work.
And a spider catcher.
Plus special spider socks.

The children thought her socks felt neat, great gift shopping Adrianne.
We also got her a voucher and took her out for a late lunch with the team.


Lucas Clan said...

Happy Birthday Sharon, looks like you had a fantastic birthday with all your friends. I love your pressies too!

MaRia said...

Happy Birthday Sharon. Love the hat (and the spider stockings!).. We would love a hat like that at Irongate Kindergarten, where did u get it? Looks like you had a fab day. x