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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trip to Taniwha daffodils

We love picking daffodils, a great trip for the whole family. We started with a picnic morning tea.
Then off we go, reminding everyone how to run your fingers down the stalk and pick them from the bottom.
Charlie wasn't sure about his first bus ride, but loved running and romping on the grass with Josh and Jacob.
Into the buckets they went.
What's that in the water? A crocodile, we better hang back.

Make up a lovely bunch.

We had lot's of cameras to take photo's.
And lot's of lovely subjects to photograph.
Even some ducks.

Back on the bus again we headed back to kindy.
Then on the way home we got to see the emergency services we've been learning about in action as a car clipped another one heading the other way straight behind our bus.
Mark our driver saw it and stopped the bus so we could send back help then helped the police write up their report.

Fortunately no one was seriously hurt. Two fire engines, three or four police cars
and two ambulances turned up.
One car had rolled completely over, bits of car went everywhere.
A courier driver later arrived a kindy with a flat tire, from a 4 inch piece of the car embedded in his tire.
Fortunately we were looking the other way when it happened.
With the emergency services all arrived and our report made we headed back for kindy again, only to find another accident had happened further down the road. Two more ambulances, another fire engine and more police cars.

So we stopped again.

Eventually, quite some time after we'd planned to we made it back to kindergarten.
What an eventful day.


MaRia said...

WOW, what an eventful excursion!!

MaRia said...

WOW, what an eventful excursion!!

Ann said...

wow- great interest for the children seeing the emergency services in action.... but time constraints must have caused a few extra grey hairs for teachers and whanau!!!
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