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Friday, July 4, 2008

Fire and Ice

Last Thursday we had a real downpour at 2:31, torrential rain followed by hail. I saved some of the hail in the freezer and brought it out for the children to investigate today. We examined the little pellets, felt them melt into water, I talked about how they were made. Then one of the children picked up the magnifying glass for a better look, before offering it around.
When it was my turn I used the glass to focus the winter sun onto the stones and melt the ice. As it melted the water vaporized, then hitting the cold air in the cave that had formed it condensed straight back into a miniature snow storm. The snow whirled around and glistened in the magnifying glass’s solar beam.
It was so cool and hot at the same time.
The children carefully investigated the hot spot with their fingers, while others watched. “It’s hot!” They exclaimed. –David

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