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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Aquarium Trip 2008

Here's some photo's from the trip.


Boxy the box tortoise -Honu whenua and Fluffy the terrapin (honu tai honu uta-not sure on this one had to make it up.)

Blue tongued skink mokomoko

Shark seven gilled, tuatini

Sea Turtle -Honu

Sea horse - Manaia

The puppet shark form the story we heard about Hinemoana. Thanks to a creative communities grant a few years back we were able to put our own sea puppets out the next day, for the children to reinact the story.

Clown fish -Ika hako (made this one up too.)
Nemo, or nemo's dad Merlin. (One of the children brought in a dvd case of Nemo to share for news after the trip.)

Kiwi- And guess what the mother kiwi had just laid an egg, but as she was a bit young it was underweight it probably won't be fertile. (Under weight = not the normal 1/3 of her body mass, "like a human giving birth to a ten year old.")

Then we discovered a dinosaur exhibit at the top of the stairs and turn left. The one from the museum. Mosasaur? Mokoweri

Shark teeth, from a shark as long as a bus!

Eel -Tuna
She was called "Big Mama"

Water Dragons -moko

Dory from nemo

Crayfish -Koura
"Andy" the diver Kairuku

Our trip to the Aquarium on the 26th of August went really well, a big thankyou to everyone who helped out with food and coming along to ensure we had enough adults.
Great learning for us as well, David Finally managed to make a DVD of the trip and promises to make a better one next time.
We will really need to look at whether and how we can go about providing copies of trip videos for families to take home. Perhaps a parent could take responsibility for burning them off it they get too popular, with a charge that covers costs or for fundraising.
We also need to examine how this works for our permissions everyone signs to take photo's and video for kindergarten purposes. Does this extend to sending home digital images via email, disk, does it include other families bringing a camera along on trips, to birthdays and blogging photos of kindergarten trips.
Any ideas please, views, advice let us know.

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