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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Reminder about pickup times

Remember latest pick up time is 2:30pm not 2:35pm. By picking up your children on time, it helps us to get all those jobs done that we need to do once the children have gone. If you want to talk about your child we'd love to chat, come in at 2:00-2:15pm, but try to park down the hill so you leave the top carparks free so people aren't held up waiting for a park.

Last Friday 27/6/8 we all got a good reminder of pick up time the other day when on the dot of 2:31pm the heavens opened up and we had hail, floods and rain, "see what happens when you get here late." :)

That said if you're going to be late, don't rush to get here, we'd rather you just get here safely.
Let us know if you can when you do get held up and but don't worry about running in on days like this, just stay in you car till the downpour stops, just try not to make a habit of it.

As to Friday we had a number of brave parents who came in only to be trapped in the building by the rain, but it wasn't a problem, it slowed down eventually.
And remember to please help yourself to tea and coffee, while waiting.

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