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Friday, July 4, 2008

Roastie Warm

After our Matariki feast Adrianne was really keen to do a roast dinner to mark the end of term two.

What a great idea.

The children glazed the leg of lamb, cut potatoes, carrots and kumara, prepared peas, silver beet and fruit kebabs for dessert.

A debate broke out between two of the boys on whether or not to keep the white bit on the silver beet.

"you eat it all"

"No you don't you cut the white bit out."

Then Adrianne roasted some potatoes and mashed others for variety.

One of our dads accepted the open invitation to join us much to his daughter's delight. "It was all she could talk about," said mum. Remember you're all welcome.

Having helped prepared it we were really impressed with how well the children all ate it, even reluctant children were prepared to give new things a try.

Naturally Adrianne recycled the scraps and the worms got a good feed too. Must be some good vermajuice there now, as we've made the second story.

Adrianne is keen to continue with the special dinners once a term, with different ideas each time. So far it's been international food, Matariki and roastie warm, what will be next? If you have an idea remember to share it with us

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