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Friday, May 21, 2010

Budget 2010

With the budget we recieved a letter from Anne Tolley outlining it's goals and effects, I include a copy of it below. Click to enlarge.

It has not been well recieved in every quarter, for instance NZEI the ECE teachers union had this response

Budget launches attack on quality teaching for youngest learners
Today's 2010 Budget is a nice-looking parcel with some nasty surprises wrapped inside when it comes to education, says NZEI.

Overall the Budget threatens to dumb down the early childhood sector by punishing the services most committed to improving quality. The $280 million removed from funding for centres with 80% or more qualified teachers will mean centres will have to absorb an extra cost of around $1.50 an hour per child, or pass it on to the parents of young children. This decision will impact 92,000 children in 2000 ECE centres.

Centres will not be allowed to pass on the additional cost to children receiving 20 hours ECE, so NZEI says this means the cost will fall disproportionately on children under 3 and children in ECE for more than 20 hours a week.

"This is going to be costly for children and their families, and it's a kick in the guts for the people who have worked hardest to provide quality for our youngest citizens," NZEI Vice President Judith Nowotarski says. "While we welcome the boost of $91.8 million over four years for Maori and Pasefika children, this shouldn�t be at the expense of quality teaching and learning for all."

Increased ECE costs could well wipe out any tax advantage from the Budget for families with young children. For example, someone on the average salary of around $44,000 a year gets an $11.41 increase a week after tax cuts and increased GST; this could easily be wiped out if their child is under-3 or in ECE for more than 20 hours. (See for the NZCTU analysis of the Budget).

"NZEI says recognising primary teacher qualifications for ECE is an acknowledgement that "a teacher is a teacher is a teacher" - that there needs to be a united teaching profession. For more details about the implications of the Budget for ECE, go to

I have also been told
"The Government Budget announcements yesterday have hit Kindergarten Associations hard with the funding at the top rate being reduced by 12.6% in February 2011. "

Rest assured our association board will look closer at the implications of this at their next meeting and will do everything in their power to maintain quality.

If you would like to feedback to the minister with your support or concerns her email is

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