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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Down the mine

Jimmy and Ollie dug a hole, a huge hole and decided to put planks over it. When I suggested with more planks it would be like a cave they got very excited.

Jack joined us (tunnelling is something he's been exploring a lot in his sandpit at home) and he was soon working away down the mine, eventually coming out the other side.
For safety we made a rule no one down the mine with out a teacher present. To facilitate this Jack decided to board it up when the teachers weren't able to be there. A great idea.
We also said no walking or digging on the top while people were down the mine and discussed not undermining our roof planks. We worked out a communication come emergency breathing pipe for use by our miners.
Jimmy thought about climbing through but was amongst those who while they wanted to, weren't as keen when they saw the passage, so he concentrated on adding external features.
Mickey and Caleb W both gave it several crawl throughs.

I shared with them stories of how in the old days children had to crawl down tunnels like this and up chimneys as a job instead of going to kindergarten.


Sharon SciaScia said...

Wow! What an impressive mine. Great teamwork tamariki.

David said...

Glad to see you're still keeping an eye on us e hoa