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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inspirational Art

Abi began with brushes and ended up with her hands adding more and more to her picture till it got a hole in it.

After a bit she started a new one and Abi shared with Charlotte all the lessons she had learned. A bit from each pot, six magnets so it won't fall off with the movement.

They decided they needed glitter, I got some with Meadow's help to keep filming, and then some different glitter when it turned out I got the wrong sort.

I then noticed I was not the only media presence as three more cameras arrived.

Abi meanwhile resumed her dance to the background music as she painted.

These photojournalists were equally inspired and soon started their own similar projects

PS sorry Wills, you needed some help with hanging that painting didn't you, thanks Michelle for covering me on that.

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Sharon SciaScia said...

Amazing work Abi and Charlotte. That looks like so much fun. I liked how your teacher was happy to get you what you needed as your creation progressed. Fantastic filming Meadow!