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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bowling Challenge

We we got dressed up ready for the challenge.But the competition were fierce and scary looking!We eyed up the pins.And had a lot of fun!

Sharon turned out to be a demon bowler, getting the prize or the most strikes of the night. We're still waiting for the final results.
Update the final results have come out, here are some of them.
Group scores:
Frimley 817
Camberley 760
Hunter Park 706
Mayfair 659
Peterhead 651
Raureka 643
Irongate 571 (only 4 not 5 on team)
Group score top four only:
Frimley 695
Camberley 660
Hunter Park 607
Peterhead 588
Irongate 571
Mayfair 554
Raureka 534
Top individual score over two games was 209, Sharon at 200 got the fourth highest of the night.
Our team scores:
Monica 147
David 140
Adele 120
Adrianne (bad shoulder after a promising strike on the first ball) 99


Raewyn said...

The secret is out now- all kindergarten teachers are a little bit crazy.

Anonymous said...

Great photos and write up