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Friday, June 19, 2009

Zappo- Flew in to see us today.

We love it when our friend Zappo flies in for a visit.

He offers special insights into all sorts of things.Nga Tae, (the colours) Super good manners!

Oral hygiene. And he always makes us laugh!!!!!! He even brings his special friends to see us too.We love Zappo!

Thanks Zappo.


Manaia Kindergarten said...

Looks like you learnt lots from Zappo - what a great visitor to have at Kindergarten - one that makes you laugh and has lots of learning to share. We have told lots of other Teachers about your Kindergarten blog and hope they will check it out soon.
Tania from Manaia Kindergarten

toni said...

Wow, what fun Zappo was! We heard all about him at home so it was great to be able to check out what happened on this blog. Keep up the great work David and the team.