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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Other happenings

More inspiration from "Getting ready for school", out at the carpentry we made wobble boards. This helps stimulate the vestibular system in the ears as they learn to balance. Sitting still is the hardest feat of balancing. Our locusts are munching every bit of grass with give them, and we've having to brush of the frost each morning to find it for them now. Do bring in some blade grass if you have some.
We got one of the males out and had hold of him, (Emily's been fascinated since we let her brothers take some dead ones to school and wanted one for her and one for James R.) We watched him jump and watched him fly, and learnt he's more ticklish than scary.

Our old flip boards we made have also been having good use, while tree climbing and the rope trolley continue outside along with rolling wheels down the hill and jumping.
Inside pizza's have been cooked, while block building, board games, photography (Harriet wanted to take close ups so I showed her how to use the macro flower, lots of close ups followed), puzzles, playdough, white board books and hullabaloo continue to be popular.


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