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Friday, June 5, 2009

Butterfly Songs

It was a cold morning. We tried to launch our hot air balloon but just a breath to much wind for it. Then Isobel came in, she had found a Monarch butterfly frozen in the car park, and when she picked it up the warmth of her hands had brought it back to life.

She showed it to the kids at Eltham Kindergarten using Skype but then it flew up to the ceiling so Isobel created a song to sing it down.

She sang it through lunch time, then after lunch we followed up on this with lots of exploring sound outside making butterfly songs and one monarch a kahukura and one yellow admiral a kahukowhai actually appeared!

I found an old hose pipe and started playing this like a trumpet. Jack got the plastic horn from inside and played that, then we started to get into percussive sounds around the environment

Taratoa got right into the music and kept calling me over to see the new things he'd found to beat out a rhythm on.

Josh found the most interesting thing in the end, my stomach.

Hannah made this, "like a kite, these flap in the wind."


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