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Friday, June 26, 2009

A Fire Volcano for Jack

Jack asked if we could have a fire volcano today.

Well it was, not to wet, not to dry and rain was forecaste for the afternoon.

Also due to illness, infection and holidays we only had eighteen children and with Claire on hand we had five adults.

Alright Jack let's check with the others.

It's been a year since our last fire volcano so when we asked everyone was keen to do it again.

Back to the sand pit we first asked Jonty V if we could use his. (He's spent the last two days building it and had been keen to explode it.)

Jonty said no, he wanted one with a hose (which it was still to cold for), so we build a new one instead, away from his so it won't get damaged.Once built I hollowed it out and added a flue, explaining what I was doing while the children checked my work.As we worked I talked about fire safety and the children shared their knowledge of it.Sharon had the hose on standbye and I had cold wet sand and a spade.

Ready to go and safety cones in place I lit the fire and we watched our volcano burn. From time to time we would have to move to avoid the smoke, a good oppertunity for more fire safety talk. So as we watched the children shared their fire stories and I reinforced the fire safety message.

Once it died down, the children brought me leaves which I took into the red zone to fire it up again. In the end all that was missing was the marshmallows. Photo's by Jonty M, Thanks for documenting our volcano Jonty.

(Video by Sharon. )

Finished I stirred the embers and made sure all the fuel was burnt and then we extinguished it completely with the hose, before leaving it in to soak.

Hope you liked your volcano Jack.


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