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Monday, June 22, 2009

More balloon experiments

Jo and Kate have been doing more experiments with balloons, and another favourite straws. Baking soda and vinegar inflate a balloon.
It works even better with a jug of hot water.
Today with Jo away sick, I built a helicopter spinner before Kate arrived and let her know what I had done. (She had expressed a desire for one to Jo last week, and I didn't think there would be much time to help Kate build her own later in the day.) After she finished sculpting a playdough bug, Kate came and got me and asked if we could go outside and try it. I started the ball rolling and then she began to experiment. My design however wasn't how Kate imagined her one will look, so though she became very attached to it, I suspect she'll be building her own soon.
Meanwhile I'm having fun with our second oldest camera (takes smallest size video) and some rather basic software I found for editting movies. It's main advantage is it lets me save it in a format other than dvd, (naming avi, mpeg or wmv) perfect for uploading. But with 1 hour upload times on our broadband for a five minute 48mb movie, I'll keep them small for now. (New faster broadband due in area sept 2011). (Any tips welcome. )


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