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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Adrianne's birthday

It was Adrianne's birthday. Since she's been here, she has always organised a range of nutty, fun (and potentially embarrassing) presents for us. Now it was our turn. :)
We started with a small cake, and a special birthday hat she has to wear all day. (Like the ones she got us.)

Next came the umbrella incase of any water fights.We got her a nice pottery pig and a rocket, because she likes pigs, especially kunekunes and she's always buying rockets.Watch out kids!Then we got her a bag of extra large balloons.
(Her favourite song is 5 red balloons, cause she gets to pop them.) Then we got her a bag of even larger balloons, that you could use as punch bags.
Still got some puff left Adrianne.
A train whistle.Another packet of balloons, very exciting rocket balloons. She likes rockets. Any puff left now?Very exciting indeed. :)Then we brought out her real cake. We called it Mr Hedgehog. But before we lit it we gave her a net to catch her breath.

Oy! We said to catch your breath!Light the candles, gosh there's a lot of them.Who are those fire bugs.Okay blow them out.
Did we forget to mention they were relighting candles (Well ten were, I read instructions and it said max 10, Sharon is off camera standing by with the fire extinguisher just in case.)

After a few minutes she got them all out and the cake took a trip to the sink.
Then we finished off with a new bowling ball for her (another favourite game) a special light weight one.

And a lovely cookbook, that our spies told us she wanted.Happy Birthday Adrianne.

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