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Friday, December 18, 2009

Highland dancers visit

With our interest in dance and Charlotte's interest in highland dance in particular we took advantage of school holidays arriving to invite two highland dancers to kindergarten.

At first I thought our dancers wouldn't be able to make it, one had had a temperature the night before and the other a nasty fall off a swing frame, I'd told them we'd be okay, but they really wanted to be here and to my pleasant surprise they both trooped in and even did a performance at Lakeview Kindergarten for their brother first.

Annabelle started us off with three dances.

Then Bridget took over and danced us through the rest of their repertoire non stop. Bridget was worn out after all that so Annabelle came back out to instruct the children in highland dance. We were all impressed by her kind, caring, supportive and positive manner, she'll make a lovely dance teacher.

Charlotte's friend Piper has been giving Charlotte tips.

We learnt boys can do highland dance too.

Annabelle helped us learn to squash the bug and to balance.

Dance and music help build mathematical patterns in the brain.

After some individual coaching Annabelle taught the children how to space themselves out with their arms and we all tried it with the music.

We got better and better and even Jo and I had a go.

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