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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Beautiful Beetle

We found this gorgeous beetle near our light trap.
If you held him in your fingers he would bite. He happily nipped away at my finger nail as I demonstrated this so no one would try.
Then I demonstrated the correct way to hold him, by letting him walk on you.
He was an up beetle. Some insects like to go up, some like to go down, he liked to go up.
After he'd walked on me for a while the children overcame their fears and had the courage to hold him too, soon he had quite a queue.
Eventually he got tired of playing with us and flew off to the Christmas tree. Passing him over.
Walking him hand to hand.

Up the arm and onto the hand again.

Have a go Jo.

Your turn Jack.

Caleb demonstrates how to hold him for a new budding photographer learning how to use the camera.

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