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Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Party

Where shall we have our Christmas party? Well we knew we wanted a helicopter, maybe one could land at kindy amongst the trees and powerlines? Well maybe the school, not allowed due to regs, okay pity we can't have it at the aerodrome.

Why not, you can use our hanger.

Perfect, so off we went to see the planes.It was a great venue, big planes to look at, trucks and even two model planes buzzing around.

You launch them like this.
Santa came.

We wore beautiful costumes.

It was a great evening for the whole family to come to.

And to catch up with all the growing babies.

Our retiring Education manager
Liz made the trip over from Hastings with her husband Peter.
Cindy Berry one of our association's board members and a member of our local community came out as well.

Meanwhile the mums got busy preparing the food, no space left for any husbands to help, hmm I wonder who...err what they're talking about, well they seem to be laughing at something ;).

And here's the dad's cooking up the sausages.

More and more people kept coming making this one of our biggest and best Christmas parties ever.

Lots of space to park, and space to play infront of the hanger.

It was great to see the familiar faces of lots of our former pupils.

So we sat amongst the planes to enjoy our shared tea.

We have very loving, kind, sharing children.

Olivia wanted a picture of her brother, I don't think she realised he was already in one.

Then in came Santa in his helicopter.

Our sterling piper Louis, piped him in.

Sorry about the sound quality, much better live.
Time for requests and presents. Don't I know you?
And then came the singing.


The paparazzi were there of course. :)

and who can blame them with stars like these.

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