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Monday, December 14, 2009


With many of our children in Julie's dance recital , they've been practising flat tack. Last week they kept coming up and asking for dance music, I offer them a range of options as always from Billy Idol and Celtic bagpipes to Swan lake. Today's choice was Nutcracker (hope I got that right, might be some swan lake in there to.) Together we explored the literacy of dance. I'm a firm believer that everyone should dance, boys and girls, grown ups and kids, even if I must admit I laugh when I see myself up there, it's fun.

As the week went by our group continued to grow, with boys too, we also watched some great ballet dancers, male and female, on line on youtube. (Including our favourite Chinese acrobatic group dancing swan lake.)

We dance all the time at Hunter Park, but we certainly danced a lot last week. More video to come featuring some highland dance and more. I've also invited some highland dancers this week to come in and show us some moves on Thursday.

This video from the 17th features Grace, Gina, Charlotte, Elise, Eden, a little of Billie, Meadow and Kaitlyn Jo and a strange huge dancing butterfly or possibly caterpillar, we call crash for obvious reasons.

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