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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Party Animals

Every year we book farmyard zoo (for a start of summer trip) it rains and we have to cancel, so this year we decided to bring the animals to us, and booked Party animals. But guess what ? It rained. So we rescheduled and this week they made it (despite it being overcast) . We petted them
Learnt about what plants goats like to eat, when we took it for a walk.

Kissed Mambo the Alpaca

Ollie was fascinated by the pins holding the fences together, and figured out how to pull them out and put them back in.

Rufus the donkey was a Jerusalem donkey, which related well to our Christmas happenings.

We introduced our giraffe James.

No rides on Wiz the miniture horse though.

It really was a smoochy Alpaca.

Naturally Jo found the goat a bridge.

and the goat found the garden.

Goats think sandpits are boring, no plants.

Com'on Connor let's find some food.
The animals stayed several hours then packed up and were very well recieved with some positive hands on learning.

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