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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chocolate making

We noticed lots of children making chocolates out of blocks and things. For example:
Grace "We can put bacon in them."
Erin "banana and cake and bacon."
Isobel "Hokey Pokey. The chocolate makers make chocolate. This one has caramel in it and these ones lot's of fizzy. This flavour has the most flavour of all, hot chocolate. These ones are sour ones, sour moost."
Chocolate factories have been a reoccuring feature of the children's play at Hunter Park, so since one of our mum's, has a mum, who has a chocolate factory, we asked her if she could make some chocolates with us, and she could! Amanda melted the chocolate then put it in bowls of warm water to keep it liquid. Next the children spooned it into the molds she brought, with regular trips to rewash any fingers that happened to get licked.
Then after some time in the fridge to set, Sharon and the children gift wrapped them to take home.

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