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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weather Vane

Jack and Ollie wanted to fly the planes, but disaster one flew over the fence, they came to see me where I was having lunch and asked if I could retrieve it. Unfortunately I was in the middle of half a dozen jobs, as is usual for lunch time, and had to say no, but that I could get it later. So they began to explain to me how they were worried the wind would blow it away.
"Which way is the wind blowing?" I asked.
"This way, and this way, and this way, and this way."
Watching their hands it was clear the wind seemed to be coming from all directions at once. I explained how I needed to know if the wind would blow the plane towards the kindergarten or away from it, then showed the boys a simple way of measuring wind direction with a wet finger. When they returned they figured we'd have timeto get it later as the wind was blowing it back towards the kindergarten.Meanwhile outside Jo made a windsock. While the boys had lunch I asked them about the wind and the plane, and Jack looking out the window, was able to tell me which direction it was blowing from. When I asked how he knew, he pointed out the wind sock to me and explained how it worked. So I told him about weather vanes.
After lunch I asked Jack if he wanted to make a weather vane. He did but wasn't sure what one was still, so I showed him how I make one, then left him to it with the materials and mine to copy if he wanted. Later I put mine up,showed him and then Jack went to get his to put up too. Next he asked if he could take some photo's of them, so we found a camera and... Here's his shots. First of his one.
And of the one I made, which proved to bendy for the strong winds.

What a windy day.

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