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Friday, May 15, 2009

Other Happenings

Kate designed a fibre optic light, she knew what she wanted and gave us great directions.
Some technical support was needed at the end, it turned out after testing each of the circuit components we had a dead bulb, we quickly found another one.
Kate was not completely happy with the end product however because the light didn't shine up from the middle and out through the fibres. So this one looks like it'll need a revisit. Any one got an old fibre optic light at home they want to donate?Various carpentry projects continue, ladders, planes, dog houses.

Drawings, especially of people and shapes have been very popular.
The committee have arranged for the council to repaint the parking lines. This will be happening Tuesday. Today the council came up and made a very thorough, and much watched, job of cleaning prior to painting.

Earlier in the week Sam finished his net. Now to test it out!
Cleaning time for the locust house saw us all busy trying to sort several hundred baby locusts, from 2mm to 30mm, in a range of colours out of the old grass.
Whoops we missed one. Can you see it. (Right hand side of rim.)
Catching some flies for the frogs I noticed this fly on a window. Can you tell it's been to Kindergarten? I wonder who caught it earlier?

Adrianne, Sharon and myself all attended a meeting with the local new entrants teachers, where we reviewed the DVD "Getting Ready for School." It is well worth a look and we should have some copies for borrowing shortly. We'll try and arrange a parent evening to showcase it.
We've just got the new "Ours" DVD all about New Zealand. We spotted they had a drone fly they called a bee, and pollen they called nectar in the DVD (we let them know), but apart from that it looks great, and we'll have flyers out for you soon if you want to order a copy.
We now have some CD's with four of our favourite songs, you can purchase.

Clean up time, a suggestion has come in from a parent that we could probably use some parent help tidying up at the end of the day. We raised this at the committee, and as a result we will have a board up of ways parents can help out around the kindergarten up for people who are interested to read and help out with.

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