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Thursday, May 7, 2009

What's been happening.

Many new toys purchased with our raffle money, our cyprus tree (which had the start of rot forming) was not able to be saved and we had to have a tree surgeon come and take it out over the holidays. A big thank you to the dads who came to chop up the rounds afterwards.

In the playground jumping as been really popular all term. Sometimes we even jump while holding an egg on a spoon.

Four of the children continue their keen interest in photography, this shot by one of our artists, captures the autumn feel of the kindergarten and the big piles of leaves that we are transporting, sculpting, covering, making rain with and jumping in. We may have to do another photo art exhibit.

Sometimes looking at our blog, it must look like we're flat out all the time (and we often are), but we do also take the time to kick back and enjoy the view.
We still have the odd baby cricket (their house needs insulating and has gotten too cold) and now have baby locusts again, but we still need more food for the frogs. Hopefully the article I put in the paper exploring potential ways to make money from crickets and turn a pest to profit will see oppertunties for our farmers and more crickets brought in before the cold weather finishes them. After all many things once considered valueless are now earning big bucks, just look at manuka honey.
If someone tells you something can't be done, it just means they haven't figured out a way yet, so you won't have much competition when you start.
If some one tells you something is too hard, they just mean that with enough effort it can be done, and with enough thought, experimentation and practise, it can even be done easily.

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