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Monday, May 25, 2009


We've been exploring the use of skype. We sent out a whole bunch of contacts to other kindergartens we found on the directory, plus some emails. and skyping the teachers at Appleton kindergarten after the children left.

We waited Thursday and Friday, but no contacts. Then Monday we found one of our children Sam was online at home so we skyped him and talked to him and his dad about what he was going to do on the farm today. Then after a big chat and while we were talking to Sam, Eltham Kindergarten (where one of my nephews attends) called us.

Wow two contacts in one day! With the occassional technological hiccup, (like phone calls causing our link to drop, and the laptop periodically needing to be restarted so the video would work), we talked with them, shared our blogsite address (Hi Eltham!) and are now waiting for a recipe.

But it gets better, with a few phone calls we finished the afternoon by calling Dannevirke central.

Our children still aren't so sure about skyping or what to talk about, so we're going to keep making it available and see who calls us and how they start to use it as we all become more familiar.

Maybe as we get to know a broad network of kindergartens better we'll all be available and calling each other to ask questions of teachers and children with specialist knowledge, or even just chat with our online friends.

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Manaia Kindergarten said...

Feel free to skype us anytime - usually online throughout the day and have children keen to chat... we have found skype an awesome tool to chat with other teachers and share ideas too. We are continually impressed with your blog and the amazing learning experiences you are having.