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Friday, May 29, 2009

Hand over Hand

From watching the DVD "Getting ready for school", we got this great idea to make a scooter board and set it up with a hand over hand rope. This was a lot of fun, and is great for strengthening hands, shoulders, coordination and developing the brain as hands cross over the midline.

It feels really freaky and David and Sharon agree it is a lot of fun.
After we had done that, Lily wanted to climb a tree, so out came the rope.
"Why can't we use a ladder," several children asked.
"Because that would be too easy," I replied "we like a challenge."
A line of about 15 tree climbers formed up as more and more children where attracted to the challenge.
Sam made it up first go, no one else did though, but we kept trying. Then Jonty got up and we learnt that if you don't succeed at first you can later if you keep trying.
And finally after lunch Lily was rapt because she had made it too!
Several more children are nearly there, so we'll have to keep this up for next week.

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