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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dr Knickerbocker

We went to see Mike Jackson and his son perform on Wednesday. What brilliant artists. Mike played a large variety of instruments, dulcimer, ocarina, harmonica, ukulele, bodhran, accordian and melodian. Many of them came in different sizes and through out his show he introduced the children naturally to the difference size makes in instruments. Without ever needing to specifically point this out. Rhythm was another feature he introduced in a lovely natural way.
With many changes in pace, Mike taught us to juggle, and showed us string games. Here is his long earred dog below. He made it with his eyes closed, it even goes for a walk.
Today after lunch, after many requests before lunch for Mike's Cd, we put on his youtube video on the t.v.. This also got many repeats. Mike used lots of humour, many traditional songs the children could join in with and produced a wonderful kind caring, hilarious and educational show we'd all recommend.

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Manaia Kindergarten said...

We had this show at our Kindergarten also, what an amazing guy - our children loved the music and were mesmerized throughout the show. Loved all of the different musical instruments especially the ukelele.