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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Inter-Kindergarten Bowling Challenge

The teachers at Mayfair Kindergarten issued a challenge this term to all other kindergartens to take them on in ten pin bowling.
Well we're up for it.
The five hour practise sessions every night after work ;) are grueling, but well worth it.
We've cleared the tables and measured out a regulation length on our polished floor, and brought out our bowling bowls and pins.
We'll be ready!

Update on the helicopter, the bikes are coming in and we had a great time pulling them to bits. the rotors are now attached to a gear sitting on a bearing, the seat is in and we're looking for a joystick.
Skyping continued with Sam skyping his dad, chatting to Geraldine Kindergarten in the South Island (Hi Geraldine) and seeing what Monica was up to in her new job.

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Manaia Kindergarten said...

Sounds like great team building fun! Good Luck and keep up that training...